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Timepieces designed and made in Switzerland

1914-2018 : A century of passion
More than 100 years ago, a talented young watchmaker decided to open a watch shop. His Son, R. Marachly, took over the family business 37 years later and relocated to Bienne, in Switzerland,
In 1983 the brand was the brand was relaunched under the name RSW – Standing for RAMA SWISS WATCH- with a clear philosophy : to produce niche timepieces under the brand’s own name.
Today, RSW offers several products lines, all designed and developed to match contemporary trends.
There is always something ‘extra’ with an RSW watch. With models that Keep RSW ahead in the innovation stakes. RSW timepieces are made in Switzerland, designed and produced in the watch valley Le Locle.
In 2018, the brand RSW has been acquired by the Ribawatch Group, the group decided to relaucnch a collection with the old name of the brand “Rama” the combination of the two companies within a new group will allow to grow the company international development. Ramacollection are fashion lead swiss made and thought to be affordable for everyday use.